Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where Do We Draw the Social Line?

I'm currently involved in a love/hate relationship with the library. I love the smell of old books, sitting in a central hub of knowledge, the uncomfortable desks and chairs that prevent me from sleeping longer than 20 minutes, the lack of distractions, the plain, boring decor that makes my school work seem more interesting, and the fact that i can actually sit in the library for 4-5 hours and accomplish something. I hate the noise; the people that talk on their cell phones, people who listen to music too loud, people who use the library as a hangout or a lunchroom. So basically I love the library when I'm the only one in it.

I just don't understand how some people don't understand the concept that the library is a quiet study space. Why? Why is it so difficult to understand? Why can't people just shut the f*** up?

It seems that people have this constant social need; to constantly be social, involved in some type of social atmosphere, regardless of their personal obligations, needs, or events. Wherever people go there social atmosphere must follow, via cell phones and the internet. Is this a product of loneliness? Are people becoming so afraid to be alone that they must constantly be social? Or am i just taking this too far, and reading into it too much?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's Been a While......

Well it's been a while since I've last posted; mainly due to a brain malfunction called the CUPE 3903 Strike and now the York University Rush to End the Year disease has taken over my mind and body. More posts to come in the near future....... 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Strikemas!!!!

This year the members of CUPE 3903 decided to give York University students an early xmas present: an extended holiday season! But five weeks into the strike this gift is beginning to go sour. Fellow students are filled with anxiety and questions: when will the strike end? Will we be going back to school after the holidays? What is happening with fall semester classes? Am I still going to graduate this year? Will I lose any of my credits? And so on.

Another issue plaguing students - homework. Should we be keeping up, reading the texts, and writing those essays?

It seems that students (those that i have talked with) are taking one of two extreme positions on homework; either ignoring their books and essays or crazily cramming to keep up with their syllabuses.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are Tuition Fees Really That High or Are Students Just A Bunch Of Complainers?

Today I was walking through Vari Hall (at York University) and a group of students were making tombstone shaped signs protesting tuition fee hikes. While i appreciated the Halloween theme (because Halloween is my favourite holiday), i thought that if these students are really concerned with not being able to pay their tuition or gaining too much debt through student loans, then why aren't they out working right now instead of painting signs?

Don't get me wrong, i'm in the boat; i wear the button and sing the song, tuition fees are getting a little too ridiculous. But it seems to me that students are more concerned with social lives, new technologies, fashion, cars, and protesting then busting some ass working a shit job to pay for their education. OSAP, student loans, and a free ride from mommy and daddy, are students crucial hand-outs allowing them to indulge in our consumerist society and their social lives.


I worked 60 hour weeks all summer long at a shitty fast food joint to pay for my tuition this year (and still working throughout the school year to pay rent), while John or Jane spent their summer vacationing and bumming around and that's why they have debt, that's why they believe complaining it the answer to their problems; they're lazy.

To all of you students who are busting their ass working and going to school i salute you! But for those of you complainers suck it up and "why don't you get a job"?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flash Mobs: Purposeful or Purposeless

Today in Participative Communications class a group of students and myself decided to create a flash mob for a class project. The discussion began with throwing out a bunch of ideas about what to do for our mob; but the question of purpose arose amongst some of us. Does or should a Flash Mob have a purpose or is just some random group of people doing random things?

I definitely stand on the side that a Flash Mob needs purpose and a message. What's the point of doing random things? A Flash Mob can be seen as a form of activism; and if it seen through that lens, then there unquestionably needs to be a message, purpose and intent. Grabbing attention not just for the sake of grabbing attention but for creating attention about a social or political message. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beer, Vodka, Gin and Gender Identity

Monday night I was sitting in a local bar, watching the hockey game, and sharing a pitcher of beer with some friends. I noticed two guys sitting a few tables over sipping on Smirnoff Ice Coolers. My first reaction was to chuckle; I know that's stereotypical and judgmental of me, but I'm sorry, it happened. But as I started to think about why I had chuckled at these two guys I realized it was because of the stereotypes and gender identities embedded in the alcoholic beverages we drink, and these guys were drinking coolers which are socially labeled as a feminine drink or a "bitch drink".

I hate the terminology "bitch drink"; its so demeaning in so many ways.

But where did these alcohol gender identities come from anyway? First and foremost (the obvious) advertising. This doesn't require much explaining, we all know that products are marketed to target audiences, and gender is one element used to define who those target audiences are. Secondly I would have to say peer pressure; good old 7th grade have to buy those new shoes, peer pressure. We as the collective group of alcohol consumers (both legal and under age) reinforce the gender identities by coming up with terminology like "bitch drink".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hello and Welcome!

Hi! Welcome to Miscellaneous Rants blog! I will be posting random rants about random topics that I come across in my day-to-day life that stimulate and influence thoughts. I hope to get some feedback and alternative opinions to create some conversations and debates. Happy reading!